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Being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a frightening experience  . Also,  a removal proceeding can be a lengthy process.  If bond is available, it should be pursued with the Immigration Judge. Getting released ICE custody is typically a top priority.

One way to get out of detention quickly is to pay a bond. A bond, if granted,  is an amount of money that will allow a person to be released from detention and  gives ICE the assurance that the person will continue to appear for future court proceedings. If after paying a bond and being released, you do not appear for future court hearings, the bond will be revoked, and the U.S. government will keep the money. If you appear at all hearings and comply with all court orders (including an order to leave the country, if necessary), your guarantor who paid the bond will receive the money back.

Most bond amounts are set substantially higher, and there is no cap as to how high the bond amount can be. A $10,000 bond is quite common. The Immigration Judge might set it at $20,000 or even higher. The more the Immigration Judge thinks you might be a flight risk or a danger to the U.S., the higher your bond amount will be. 

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Again, if you or someone you know is in removal proceedings and in need of an immigration bond, you should consult with an attorney about your case. The Law Office of Meri S. Ponist, P.C. obtains hundreds of immigration bonds for clients each year.